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Brazilian Hair is the most popular and sought after texture available right now. Brazilian hair's softness, durability and thickness make it so sought after. The texture makes Brazilian hair the easiest to blend with just about any type of hair you might have.

Brazilian hair is soft with a lot of body and shine. Brazilian hair is less likely to frizz than the softer hair types like Malaysian and Indian Hair. Brazilian hair also tends to hold curls a little longer than Indian or Malaysian hair. Brazilian hair is very very versatile!

Indian hair is probably the most versatile hair type on the market today. A well kept secret of celebrities for years until recent times. The density of Indian hair is very fine making it light, airy, and bouncy. Indian hair is easily curled and styled. This hair styles effortlessly with minimal products. Indian hair is also a favorite because it blends so well with most natural hair textures. Indian hair textures can range from silky to lightly coarse. Indian hair can become frizzy in humid weather due to its fine composition. Anti-frizz products are highly suggested.

Virgin Remy Hair from $50 Royal Remy Hair Company

Malaysian Hair has become a very popular option over the last couple of years. Malaysian hair has a luxurious feel and nice shine. Because of it's fine nature it sometimes sheds a little more than Brazilian, but this shouldn't be a problem. Malaysian hair holds curls very well, and doesn't require high-heat and excessive products. Virgin Malaysian Natural Wave is a soft loose wave that is mostly worn in its natural state. This hair is so easy to style that really it's as easy as combing it with your fingers to showcase its beautiful wave pattern.

Virgin Remy Hair from $50 Royal Remy Hair Company

Peruvian Hair is soft and lightweight with defined wave patterns. Like Brazilian hair it is a great choice for multi-purpose hair! Because it is so soft and light-weight you can have four bundles installed yet still maintain a light easy style. This hair is a little more coarse than Indian and Brazilian hair. If you are doing a partial sew-in, the Peruvian hair blends very well with relaxed hair textures. Peruvian hair is another one of our customer favorites.